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Every last minute… June 27, 2007

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I have so many great sewing projects lined up it’s not even funny. I hope to make another hoodie, two dresses from the Burda Style website (that were freee patterns), possibly a third if there’s time and my dad will buy the pattern for me, and a weekend duffle bag thingy for all the traveling I will be doing (wedding on an island, camp, possibly working at a fair that requires long transit time ect). I promised my mom I wouldn’t sew until this weekend when I’m done with grad stuff so I will be ready to spend my days sewing once everything is over!!

I’ve also been sick the pst few days, the worst was yesterday when my sinuses were so stuffed up I couldn’t think.  I think the stress of finals and grad weakened my immune system and let this nasty cold in. I can’t wait to put my feet up on the beach and knit!

I have plans to make a sweater from Fitted Knits this summer as a goal for my fall wardrobe. I can’t choose just one to make becauseI love them all! There are lots of cute shrugs and cropped cardigans that I know I will make, but I want to make my first sweater. I need some help, for those that haven’t seen the book I’ll post pictures of each pattern I like. Let’s make it a vote! I wish I knew how to create a fancy poll on my blog, but I don’t so will rely on comments.

Here are the three options I’ve narrowed it down to for a nice fall sweater:

Puff sleeved cardigan:


Boatneck bluebell sweater:


Textured tunic:


don’t even get me started on colours! once a sweater is chosen, we’ll talk colours depending on what yarn is available in my LYS’s. Thanks for the input!


What made me happy today…. June 22, 2007

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Besides the fact that I’m sure I aced my english Lit exam, I have a lot to be happy about today!

First, I found some really cut jelly sandals fot $8 at lasenza that look exactly like a designer pair I saw in a magazine only without the designer name and designer price tag.


I thought they might be uncomfortable, never having experienced jellies as a child, but have no fear they are soo comfy, and cute. Perfect for camp and the many beaches I will be visiting this summer.

Next, blue sky! It’s supposed to rain the next few days and I will really miss it because I’m going to a party on saturday that I hope to wear a dress to! The only good thing about rain is that it won’t be crazy hot for my dance performance on sunday!

And finally, I’m happy because I was inspired by this hoodie, in the same magazine as the sandals, that I have decided to make from the same pattern as my lilac hoodie. Instead of a zipper I’m going to get toggles and try different pockets (thanks to a fellow crafter on Craftster for mentioning it) as well as some cute little anchor’s to add on it. Yay for inspiration!

The best thing about this mystery magazine? It was only $1.99! That’s right, LouLou finally lowered its price (maybe because not many people were buying it? I know I wasn’t….) and has been very inspiring this month. I love how it’s Canadian, and therefore has Canadian stores and prices. No longer will I find something amazing in a magazine to find it’s from a store I can’t get to. Plus they did this eco issue and now they have an eco page with all different eco buys. I’m not a hard core eco shopper but would like to do my part in helping the environment by lessening my impact. Plus an excuse to shop is always nice! I really want to get a cute eco shopping bag………….. 🙂

You know it’s summer here when you can still wear a hoodie! June 21, 2007

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So maybe my mild climate home isn’t so bad when I can still wear awsome things like this:

Yes, I made my Built by Wendy hoodie! It only took me a few days to find the pattern, and a few hours last night to complete it. I absolutly LOVE it! I can’t wait to make another one, but for now I’m really happy with this one. I scored some really cheap sweater fabric on sale and couldn’t be happier. My original plan was to make one out of grey sweatshirt fabric, but I didn’t like the grey I saw at the fabric store. I’ll look around for a ncier grey to make a fall one, and I want to make out out of a lgither fabric for when it gets hot in the summer. I think what attracted me to this hoodie was the design. How it’s different from a plane hoodie, like the big comfy sleeves for instance. I also like how the zipper doesn’t go all the way up. At first I thought that was wierd, but it really looks great. That Wendy Mullin is a great designer!!

Next on my list? I discovered the Burda Style website that has some amazing free patterns and one dress pattern for sale that I would pay any ammount for, it’s that cute! I really should be studying, I have an exam tomorrow I’ve been avoiding due to all this fabric shopping. Bad girl! I’ll be back soon, I can’t avoid the internet for too long!

The closest I’ve got to knitting lately….. May 8, 2007

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….is getting mentioned on the Yarn Harlots blog!! I know, I’m such a dork to be excited about this. She was faced with a problem, to rip out part of a sweater and fix a ribbing problem or to just leave it, and in the last little blurb of her blog she took a line from Shakespeare. This got my attention, because I had JUST gotten over memorizing 20 lines of one of Hamlet’s soliloquy’s for my Lit class. So, I re-wrote the lines I memorized into a knitting version. I was very excited when she replied in an e-mail to my comment, and then whe I was browsing her blog again she mentioned me and another poster that re-wrote song lyrics to “whip it”!! This made my day 🙂

This is also an example of why I haven’t been knitting or posting. No time for that when I have thigs to memorize, and a little thing called graduating!! I really hope to start knitting again once finals are done, something pretty for summer as a celebration! I know there are some things in the new Knitty I have my eye on, so it may be another month before I post again…….

p.s. here is my soliloquy if you don’t want to search throuhg the hundreds of comments:

To rip or not to rip, that is your question.

Wether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer, the slings and arrows of this messed up knitting,

or to rise up against a sea of mistakes,

and by oposing, fix them? To knit, to sleep, to sleep, perchance to dream, ay there’s the rub. For in that sleep of finnished knitting other dreams may come, when we have given up this knitting, must give us pause. There’s the respect

that makes calamity of so long life,

for thy knitter themselve may stab and poke

with a double point.

To grunt and sweat under such a decision,

only to fear of other mistakes, puzzles the will

and makes us bear those mistakes we made before

thus mistakes do make cowards of us all

and thus our native hue of resolution

is sick’lied o’er with our past thoughts of knitting.

With this regard our currents turn awry, and choose our course of action.

Spring break! April 1, 2007

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Hi everyone! It’s been a looong time since I’ve blogged. I have a good reason, I was in Spain! Yes I wasy lucky enough to explore Spain over spring break, and now I’m back! Sadly I didn’t find any yarn (although I saw lots of sheep while driving through the country side), but I did have lots of fun shopping! We saw lots of old buildings, and even a flamenco dancing show! I’m tired and trying to catch up on home work, so here is a few highlights from my trip:


Check back for more pictures, I took so many that it would take me forever to upload them all at once!

Calimor……. you know what I mean! December 26, 2006

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I give up. This is the second time I’ve knit this thing. I’m not blaming the pattern, I blame myself. I thought it would look good, nice soft, yummy, pink, fluffy yarn. NOT as head gear. Unless you want a big fluffy bright pink head. Now I love this yarn, and I love the pattern (have it memorized and will knit it another, in non fluffy yarn), just not together. So back to the ripping stage it goes. I really hope I can make some nice, soft, fluffy slipper socks with the yarn, because I really do like it. It just wasn’t meant to be, Calimor………..thing.


New beginings September 25, 2006

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I’ve decide to change blog providers seeing as Blogger is just a hassel, so that is why you find me here. I hope to continue blogging, and maybe even post more now that it will be easyer! I am still learning how to use Word Press, so bare with me as I work out the kinks.  

By the way, how do you like the layout??


Sock in progress September 19, 2006

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So who else watched House tonight???

Any ways, I have some knitting updates.

Jaywalker socks
Sept 17 ’06
ribbing done, on to zigzag pattern. 2 1/4 inches until the heel. I love the pattern so far!!!

No other news besides this. I just had to post because I received six skeins of sock yarn from my Granny on suday and I love the verigated blue. My sister already put in an order and the Jaywalkers are for me so I haven’t decided to do with the last (unplanned pair, my sister gets plain socks at the moment). I guess I can always try out new patterns and if I don’t like it it’s one christmas gift done!!


Only the best for my baby! September 17, 2006

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Quick update. Not alot of knitting due to weather and school being in. I hope to get some sock yarn to make the Snicket Socks from Mag Knits. It may have to wait untill Socktober……..

For now I leave you with this video clip of my baby, we will have had her a year on October 18th (also my birthday). I knit her this little square of some blue hand dyed yarn I won and she just loves chewing on it and felting it in her mouth!!

Non knitting content ahead! July 24, 2006

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Psssst, guess what I’ve been doing lately? Having fun with plain t-shirts and fabric paint! Well, not just fabric paint, I bought some iron-on crayons and was itching to try them.

But first, my latest stencil creation, a little seahorse tank top

and here’s my first try at fabric crayons. Not too bad for a non-white t-shirt and a freehand drawing

Knitting content will return shortly.