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Hey Jude, All you need is love! October 30, 2007

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So it’s fall, perfect weather for hand knits. I just received my Knit Picks order with yarn for my Boatneck Bluebell sweater and all I need now is the needles and I can cast on! In the meantime, I’ve been knitting a slouchy beret (Le Slouche) during my commute and the Snicket socks at home. I also want to knit another scarf (instant gratification much?) in chunky yarn knit sideways. Lots of knitting plans to give me something to do and keep myself warm!!

I’ve also started my first reall full time job! I work at H&M, an amazing clothing store that started in Sweden and has finally come closer to home! I have great memories of shopping there on my trips to Europe and I’m so excited to be working for them! We have lots of staff as support from Europe and they are so much fun to know! Maybe when I go to Europe again I could go and visit them!! So any ways I’ve been really busy working because I have such an open schedule and they are taking advantage of that. I’m ok with that because it means decent paychecks!!

However I’m still involved with my summer camp community. I went to a work party where we cut up and move firewood around the camp and can now look foreward to burning an old old building they were using for storage in a few weeks. They are also having a fundraiser where I can get dressed up and dance : )

On another note, it was my birthday a few weeks ago, and my parents surprised me with a serger! Now I’m so motivated not only to knit but sew with my fancy new serger.

Sorry no pictures at the moment, just imagine a navy blue beret almost off the needles and a big smile on my face for all the exciting things my life has in store for me!

p.s. the post title is inspired by Across the Universe, an amazing movie I saw the other day and have since been listening to the soundtrack because it’s so amazing! check it out!!!


There’s no place like home! September 27, 2007

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in Camp, Crafting, FO's, Knitting, Sewing, summer.

Blog, it’s sooooo good to be back!!

I took an extended break from blogging over my amazing summer, and then forgot my password! But now I’m back with a big update and a promise of more blogging!!

Here is my story, if you don’t want to read I don’t blame you!


“She’s my summertime girlfriend, I hope summer never ends” July 2, 2007

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in baking, Sewing, summer, WIP's.

In this case, my summer time girlfriend is a free day to do whatever I want to do!!!

**pictures did not work for some reason, they will be added later, continue if you want to read the post without pictures**


Everyday life… May 21, 2007

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It’s funny where you find knitting in everyday life.

While flipping through my Elle Canada magazine late last night, I decided to read this Special K add. It was targeted to women that are self concious and would rather stay inside than wear a two peice. It gave you two options, stay inside with a paragraph of excuses, or to eat Special K. As I read the paragraph, I discovered at the bottom one of the final opitons was to knit! It said learn to knit, or if you already do, knit until you can’t anymore! I find that very hillarious because I knit all summer, and many other knitters that don’t live in crazy hot climates knit all summer too! Oh Special K, you targeted the wrong audience!!

So besides that, the leaf cardigan is coming along greatly. I’m on the second sleeve, so once that’s done all I need to do is stitch up the picot edges and work on the icord. It was raining like crazy yesterday, but should be sunny later today so maybe I’ll get another progress picture 🙂

P.S. while looking through and old Elle Girl, I rememberd an eyelet tank top I started last year that I decided to finnish in my textiles class. Will be posting lots of FO pictures soon, I promise!!

My latest obsession February 20, 2007

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in Sewing.
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Now that I’m back in my sewing class every day, there has been a lot less knitting. I was working on finnishing my last Jaywalker sock (got passed the heel and have only a few inches to go), but then it was time for me to sew. I’ve turned to a new set of patterns, Built by You from Simplicity.

Built by Wendy, a hip New York designer has this line fo patterns with Simplicity. They are amazing, I’m working on this very cute top and my next one will be a tunic from two new patterns she released. They are simple, quick and cute. Plus she has a sewing book that comes with three patterns! I’ve heard it’s more for beginner sewers, but I really want to take a look at it. You never know, it may be helpful, even just as an inspriation.

She had a sewing contest back in October where people submitted what they’ve made with her patterns. Everyone has such different and creative ideas, even the same pattern can be different! From simple things as the type of fabric and the length, to toallay changing it (like a girl that turned a cropped coat pattern into a cape!).

Wow, I really sound like a rep. for Built by Wendy, but I do truly love her patterns. Once I have made most of them, I will have this great pattern collection so I can make myself wonderful clothing. I can’t wait to see my closet after this!!!

P.S. I’ll post pictures of my finnished Jaywalkers asap, I’m so close to being done!