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There’s no place like home! September 27, 2007

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in Camp, Crafting, FO's, Knitting, Sewing, summer.

Blog, it’s sooooo good to be back!!

I took an extended break from blogging over my amazing summer, and then forgot my password! But now I’m back with a big update and a promise of more blogging!!

Here is my story, if you don’t want to read I don’t blame you!


So July started with a trip up to my grandparents cabin to help out with a close family friends wedding! It was so much fun, running around getting spare teacups and decorating the beach for such an amazing event. It shows how close people get on an island where everyone is willing to help out to make sure the wedding for two people so close to everyones heart goes as well as it did (in the rain!). Then straight home to do laundry and off to camp! (much of my summer was like this, spent in transit either on a long bus ride or boats).

Camp was amazing, my first time as a leader instead of a camper. I had my work cut out for me, but was so thankful to know the staff well from my days as a camper so I had a built-in support team. It is always sad to leave camp as a camper, but I got close to all the staff and was determined to go back. So yada yada, time spent in town on gross city beaches, one sunburn later and I had talked my way back into another camp gig! BUT I had to leave early because I got a job at my cities local fair and had to go in for training. No problem right?


The next camp was lots of fun, I wasn’t in charge of children, just helping out where they needed it. I had just as much fun with this group of staff as the first round. It was really hard to leave because A) it didn’t seem worth it and B) being on an island makes it hard to get into town. I was supposed to leave in the morning to get to my training in the afternoon, but there wasn’t a boat the morning I needed to go in so I had to leave the night before and got an hours notice to pack my bags! I was crying and throwing everyhting into my bag (it’s really hard to leave camp, such an amazing place and I had gotten to know the people so well in three days!). The worst part was finding out the boat had come and gone for me so I was really worried I would have to pay for an expensiver charter boat and deal with angry parents when I didn’t show up at the dock! Crisis averted and I went to my training.

NEXT, I couldn’t help but offer myself to the next camp because they needed staff, and it actually worked out this time. They had a lot of staff coming and going, only a few could actually stay the entire week because everyone had stuff they needed to do in town! It was funny, but the camp was older kids so they handled it well. Lots of fun again, some of the same staff from earlier camps and other staff that I was friends with as a camper and went through training with. I tell you if I could I would spend the entire summer up at camp, it’s a magical place where you meet amazing people and never want to leave!

However, I need to work. The fair was an interesting job, like McDonalds, good to have on your resume but not that great. I took tickets and got to deal with lots of unhappy people (unless I was on stamps, that’s where people are most happy, when they leave ha ha ha). I worked LOOOOONG hours which only paid off in the form of my pay check (har har har). I don’t think I will go back next year, I’ve experienced it once.

This leads me to September. Not in school, and don’t have a job. But no fear! I’ve kept myself busy and am awaiting a call about and interview at H&M (my dream store). Yes it is weird not to be in school after that comfortable routine I’ve been living with. It’s also liberating. I’m just testing the waters in the big bad grown up world. Getting experience in minimum wage jobs, considering my future and where I would go to school (plus what I want my career to be!). It seems like a lot, and I know it is but I can do it.

But you’re really just here for the yarn aren’t you? Well be happy to hear that I’ve ordered some Knitpicks yarn for the Boatneck Bluebell sweater from Fitted knits (yes it’s blue, only because it looks good on me!) as well as Charmed Knits so there will be lots of knitting action soon. Untill then, I’ve got Snicket socks on the needles and Jaywalkers freshly off them. Oh and I forgot to mention, in July before I started getting crazy busy with island hopping and planning for camp, I had enough time to sew up an adorable Built By Wendy hoodie and Simplicity babydoll dress in some wonderful leapord print fabric that I got good use of this summer. At the moment I’m only sewing up too big camp t-shirts into new creations before I start any more projects.

Phew, that was a lot, did you miss me?
(photo’s will be added later or in a sperate post, it’s been a while ok :P)



1. Modern Marie - October 27, 2007

yay! ur back!

2. The Beso Team - April 22, 2010

Dear Pink Bliss,
Thank you for entering the contest that beso.com sponsored on Calivintage. We invite you to enter another contest we’re running where you can win a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Our Style Director will be reviewing the entries and choosing the winning recipe. Check it out at: http://www.beso.com/style-director-contest/bake-up-summer-sweets.

Thanks again,

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