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“She’s my summertime girlfriend, I hope summer never ends” July 2, 2007

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in baking, Sewing, summer, WIP's.

In this case, my summer time girlfriend is a free day to do whatever I want to do!!!

**pictures did not work for some reason, they will be added later, continue if you want to read the post without pictures**

I love sleeping in on a summer day, however this morning I was rudely awakned at 6AM by the garbage truck. So, since I was up I decided to print off the dress pattern I bought fabric for last week. While it was printing I fell back asleep for two hours, this is my kind of day 😉

In the afternoon I baked these yummy chocolate banana muffins (recipe in summer Chatelaine) while I taped together my pattern.

slowly rising

Now all I have to do is actually cut out slowly risingyum!my fabric! The light blue with flower print will be the top or main fabric of the dress, while the pale yellow with almost invisible white polka-dots will be the yolk and under part(because the main fabric is polyester while the old sheet is most likely cotton). I can’t wait, I’m sure it will look cute and be nice and airy. I can’t wait to try it out on the beach when I go up next week!

I hope to have many more relaxing days like this, but with an upcoming interview, sewing classes with my sister and her friends (I’m teaching them stuff, go me!) and a friend that just got home from being away for a month, I’m going to be pretty busy in the next week. Then I set off on two different trips to the beach!! I might not get to the computer much, but I’m determined to keep on sewing and crafting and will do mega updates when I can!



1. Modern Marie - July 9, 2007

chocolate banana muffins – yummm!!!
have fun @ the beach!

2. Modern Marie - September 10, 2007

hey! i sent you and email about the party – im not sure if you got it or not…

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