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Every last minute… June 27, 2007

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in Uncategorized.

I have so many great sewing projects lined up it’s not even funny. I hope to make another hoodie, two dresses from the Burda Style website (that were freee patterns), possibly a third if there’s time and my dad will buy the pattern for me, and a weekend duffle bag thingy for all the traveling I will be doing (wedding on an island, camp, possibly working at a fair that requires long transit time ect). I promised my mom I wouldn’t sew until this weekend when I’m done with grad stuff so I will be ready to spend my days sewing once everything is over!!

I’ve also been sick the pst few days, the worst was yesterday when my sinuses were so stuffed up I couldn’t think.  I think the stress of finals and grad weakened my immune system and let this nasty cold in. I can’t wait to put my feet up on the beach and knit!

I have plans to make a sweater from Fitted Knits this summer as a goal for my fall wardrobe. I can’t choose just one to make becauseI love them all! There are lots of cute shrugs and cropped cardigans that I know I will make, but I want to make my first sweater. I need some help, for those that haven’t seen the book I’ll post pictures of each pattern I like. Let’s make it a vote! I wish I knew how to create a fancy poll on my blog, but I don’t so will rely on comments.

Here are the three options I’ve narrowed it down to for a nice fall sweater:

Puff sleeved cardigan:


Boatneck bluebell sweater:


Textured tunic:


don’t even get me started on colours! once a sweater is chosen, we’ll talk colours depending on what yarn is available in my LYS’s. Thanks for the input!



1. Modern Marie - June 28, 2007

i like the first one!
it would be cute if u used mismatched buttons on it too
happy graduation!

2. 20weblogs.com/munity - June 29, 2007

we think sewing projects are funn.y

3. Modern Marie - July 2, 2007

hey! i tagged you on my blog – check it out

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