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I’m ready now spring! June 10, 2007

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in FO's, Knitting.

Now that I’ve finnished my leaf tie cardigan from Fitted Knits, I’m ready for spring! The cotton acrylic blend is perfect for a lightweight cardigan I can throw over a dress or a tank while the weather isn’t crazy hot. I haven’t had a chance to model it yet, but I couldn’t wait to show it off!

In other news, there are two new BbW Simplicty patterns! One is for a knit/jersey fabric dress or shirt, and the other is for a hoodie and dress. I really want to make the hoodie, it looks amazing from the tiny little pattern picture I found online. If only I weren’t making a vest in textiles……….. maybe I can still convince my mom to buy me fabric?

Bye for now!



1. Kate - June 10, 2007

This is so cute. How’d you like the cotton twist? I’ve never used it, but have been on the look out for a cheaper yarn to make this. I really like the color.

2. Modern Marie - June 11, 2007

thats really cute! how long did that take u?!?!….keep telling myself i’ll learn how to knit. OH! how i admire you! what is your next project?

3. pinkbliss - June 17, 2007

wow, thanks a lot! I really liked the cotton twist, very soft to work with and wear! I got a lot done in the first week of starting it, but had to put it on hold while studying. I’d say maybe two weeks if I had just sat down and worked on it the entire time. It was a quick knit with minimal seaming (my kind of project!) My next project is sewing a hoodie from the new Built by You Simplicity patterns (a collaboration with New York designer Wendy Mullen!). I love all of the patterns, and they seem to keep getting better!

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