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A little off topic……. December 28, 2006

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in bedroom.

I am going to be talking about my new room, so if you don’t want to read, I will be back to talking about my knitting soon…….I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but I am getting a new bedroom. My sister finally moved out so I am in the process of moving in. So far, on day one, I moved alllllll her junk downstaires. It looks like she never threw anything out! She just piled it into the closet. So now that everything is out, there is lots of room! I moved boxes from under my bed and part of my closet into my new closet. I have so much more room for clothing and general storage. I can’t wait to finally start moving furnature in, because I’m hopin to have a little space just for my knitting 🙂

But before I move, I need to paint! The walls are a dark blue, and I don’t like them. So I’ve decided to go with purple. It is an amazing colour, called Royal Renaissance. The perfect colour for me, not too dark or too light, and the right ammount of red. Also, the trim around the window and doors will be a bright white. Then most of my furnature will be white so everything will stand out against the purple. Purple is such a rich, elegant colour so I can’t wait to see the finnished product.

I also have so many plans for my new space. I want to get a giant magnet bored (or bulletin board if we can’t find a magnet board) to put on the one wall that doesn’t have a door or a window. It will be my inspiration board, full of pictures, magazine clippings, bits of yarn or anything that inspires me. And I will instal some creative shelving to display books and yarn, also to keep things up from the kitties! I also need to get a new dresser, becuse the one in my current room is built into the wall. So off to ikea, oh darn! I really hope to find one that is like a vanity, so I can keep all my makeup ect. on top.

Day 1:
             (yay closet space!!!)

Day 2:
          (you can see how thrilled I am to be filling in holes)



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