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A little off topic……. December 28, 2006

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in bedroom.
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I am going to be talking about my new room, so if you don’t want to read, I will be back to talking about my knitting soon……. (more…)


Calimor……. you know what I mean! December 26, 2006

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I give up. This is the second time I’ve knit this thing. I’m not blaming the pattern, I blame myself. I thought it would look good, nice soft, yummy, pink, fluffy yarn. NOT as head gear. Unless you want a big fluffy bright pink head. Now I love this yarn, and I love the pattern (have it memorized and will knit it another, in non fluffy yarn), just not together. So back to the ripping stage it goes. I really hope I can make some nice, soft, fluffy slipper socks with the yarn, because I really do like it. It just wasn’t meant to be, Calimor………..thing.


Merry Christmas everyone! December 26, 2006

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in Knitting.
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So I swear I wrote a bunch of draft posts, meaning to add pcitures but then I forgot/became lazy, so that’s why the blog has been cold. I’m back, and with knitting!!

 So how was everyone’s Christmas? Mine was amazing, watching my cats play in the wrapping, and playing with my new toys. I was lucky enough to get this really cool ipod speaker, it’s a little circle (reminds me of a UFO) and all you do is sit the ipod on top. It also has a remote 🙂 Then my dear friend Ori got me the yummiest yarn. Moda-Dea Dream, in an almost edible rasberry colour. I started making a Calimorety (sp??) with it but didn’t realize the pattern was soooo big! So many people have complained about it, but I think the pictures are just misealding us to think it’s a nice little headband. However, the real pattern is quite huge! Now I’m sure it’s good for lots of people, but I just want a little fuzzy headband! So I will frog it. I’m so far too, I started it yesterday and am about half way into the decreases, but already it’s almost 6 inches wide!!! Oh well, on the plus side, I know it will look great when it’s done!

Also, my mom found the cutest little ornament. It’s an angel holding a kitty, and it reminds me of me! I love Suzie soooooo much, so I will always have her with me with this ornament.

Another new toy I have been playing with since 6 AM this morning is my new camera! Yes, I woke up at 5 AM only to be squished into Futureshop with hundreds of other people.  It was funny, we got there at 5:30 and there was a good sized line (500 at least) and then we hear screaming. They opened the store half an hour early! There were even tv crews! So me and my dad booted it to the door and found our way to the camera section where we quickly got an employes attention to get us in line to pay. My original boxing day shopping plans were to order online, but I didn’t realize they started the sale on December 24th! So the camera I wanted was sold out because it was such a good deal. I swear, this is my last boxing day adventure!!

P.S. I forgot to tell you what kind of camer! It’s a Casio Exilim Z60. I t has twice as many mega pixels as my old camera and twice the screen size! It has many good features (this best shot stuff) and I am having fun taking pictures of everything. One of my favorit features is that is organizes your pictures by date. So when I go on my trip to Europe in the spring, I can look at the pictures day by day to really remember where I was (incase I forget where the 50th picture of a church was taken) I’m so full of energy I just know I’ll fall asleep at like 5 pm!!

That’s all for now, I’ll post again when I finnish the Cal. and have more knitting pictures to share 🙂