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Non knitting content ahead! July 24, 2006

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Psssst, guess what I’ve been doing lately? Having fun with plain t-shirts and fabric paint! Well, not just fabric paint, I bought some iron-on crayons and was itching to try them.

But first, my latest stencil creation, a little seahorse tank top

and here’s my first try at fabric crayons. Not too bad for a non-white t-shirt and a freehand drawing

Knitting content will return shortly.



when the lazy knitter takes over…….. July 22, 2006

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Maybe the heat is making me do crazy things. But I feel very smart right now, so I just had to share this.

I always hate seaming up the toe of my socks. I never seem to do it as nicely as everyone else. So today while hunting for my darning needles to finally get it over with, I had a thought. I like three needle BO’s…………….

So I turned the sock inside out (that was fun, trying to get the needles through such a small hole) and began the three needle BO. It worked! My toe looks fine, no holes like my first attempt. I’m happy!!!


I’m back!! July 21, 2006

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Did you miss me?

Well, I do have lots of pictures to show you!! Mostly non-knitting related, but stick around, they will be interesting.

For some reason, up here in CANADA there is a heat wave. It’s crazy, I even have proof that it’s hot (for me)

The top temp. is outside, the bottom temp. is inside

In other news, camp wasn’t so hot. We had three days of rain. It was off and on, but it did suck. I had a good time, despite the weather. I can’t wait to go back!!! Here are some fun pictures of camp.

I’m always up for a good clean prank!

Here is a picture of the bench I helped build partially completed

Finally some knitting, I have one sock done! Well, all but sewing up the toe. It’s not my fault I can’t find my darning needles!! Oh well, as soon as it cools off I hope to finally finish my Clapotis. I may end up giving it to a family friend of mine that is haveing a surprise birthday party being held for her in september, so I need to get on it!!!

And in sewing news…… I have a new semi-completed project. It is all sewn together, but I was a bit short of one material needed so when that’s fixed I will show it off. That and it looks better when it’s on me rather than hanging on a hanger.

Oh, for any Supernatural fans out there, I just got a notice in the mail that they will be filming a block away from my house! If I get a chance to see the hot stars, I will deffinatly report back to the blog asap!!!


I’ll miss you…….. July 4, 2006

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Ah, camp tomorrow!!

Just a super short note to thank Katie of Straying Power for the yarn! I received it today (good time too since I leave for camp tomorrow!) and I can’t wait to make something when I get back. I have a few ideas, possibly felting…………. you’ll just have to wait!!

I promise to have lots of pictures of me having fun 🙂

I’ll miss the computer and how it connects me to knitters, but I love it so much out there I will forget all about my computer. Till the 15th, good bye!!


115195150804818433 July 3, 2006

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Just a short post today. Yay for a new month and a new colour of project spectrum!!

Yesterday I spent most of the day bike riding. It was alot of fun, really good scenery, but my butt hurts sooooo much!!!

Here is a picture of my friends bike and her Starbucks drink we had for out break. Sorry no pretty scenery pictures, by the time we got back to the park we were cycling in, we were to tired and sweaty to take more pictures.

Hopefully I will post again before wednesday, but if not I’m going to camp for 10 days! I will have lots of pictures from that! Happy knitting!!