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It’s deffinatly summer when….. June 26, 2006

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……. it’s 90 outside!
……. dad buy’s a nice big fan, for himself!(and mom)
……. I don’t feel like knitting that sock (even though it’s an anklet, I can’t even think about wearing it, or even touching that hot wool so it’s best to wait for some cooler weather)
……. you go to the mall just for the air conditioning, and of course the shopping
……. you get the “info package” in the mail for camp! ( I get to be a leader!)
……. you pull out the fan ’cause your such a wimp (I sleep in the basement)
……. clear blue skies!
……. local transit has the air conditioning on!(only the fancy new cars, but it doesn’t really matter)
……. the cats retreat to the basement
……. all of the clothing you were looking at in magazines months ago now looks inviting (hello, swimsuites in april?)
……. the only change in the seven day forecast is the addition of the flag for Canada Day
……. I am lazy and make a list instead of an actual blog entry.

So I’m goin’ shopping tomorrow in the U.S., wish me luck at finding some good deals and just enjoying the day (I LOVE Target!). I hope you’ve been seeing blue since the month is almost over. Keep it cool………………………………………………



It’s finally summer June 22, 2006

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As you can probably tell I am excited. I finished my last exam today, the weather is great, and I have sooo much time to knit!!

This will just be a quick post. My bio teacher LOVED the nautie! I can’t wait to make more, I loved it too!

I’m sure it is a good home. Well any ways, not much progress on my socks but I’m sure my next blog entry will have a finished sock. Over just a more exciting sock. I need to round up some friends and head to the beach tomorrow!!

See yah on the beach!


I am loved June 16, 2006

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So now that Ive been all sad this week over my ipod and upcoming exams, the love as been pouring in!!

My dad has tried everything to cheer me up, icecream, pink flowers, jokes……….. but I can’t get over the fact someone stole from me!

Oh well, at least I have distractions. like knitting. I am so close to being finished my first nautie that I am going to give to my bio teacher. I hope he likes it!!

here it is, with only two tentacles

and I started this little pink ankle sock for June 10th, world wide knit in public day! I had lots of fun meeting up with other knitters. It makes me really want to join a knitting group and meet up with people over the summer, because I never have time on school nites but during the summer I have nothing better to do. Plus I would love to meet other knitters not online so I can actually see them in person!

Now for some past news I never wrote about. My grandparents got a new kitten!! I went to Victoria with my grandmother and sister to go pick it up. What a cutie!! I can’t wait to play with her again, she is a 1 pound ball of fluf!!!!

And for my latest sew?I knit! project, I made a summer shirt. I forget the pattern, but you can check the sew along if you like it and want to make one (an pictures because bloger is being stupid). The one the thing I altered was adding elastic to the edge of the sleves to make them stay down because I used a cotton fabric and they stuck out. I love it and want to wear it now that the weather is picking up enough to wear just a t-shirt ( I don’t really have a sweater that would go with it)

So thats all for now. I’m so glad I’ve been keeping up on my blog reading, so far I’ve found two people giving away stash yarn! yay for summer cleaning!!


115034655064407114 June 14, 2006

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I’m sad that I must feel blue this month, even when I love the colour blue.

Long story short, my ipod was stolen on monday, and now I am suffering ipod withdral. On a happier note, I’ve been keeping up with my knitting!!

The only blue FO so far is my sophie purse, which I got a head start on in may. I love the yarn that I won, and was happy to finally use it. At the moment I have a nautie on the needles, as a gift for my Bio teacher. It isn’t necissarily blue, but the mix of purple and green looks blue sometimes.

I hope to keep on knitting, and maybe just maybe get myself another ipod before I go away to camp.