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Another hat May 22, 2006

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in Uncategorized.

As promised, I have knit my bit of orange for April, just a month late.

This Ginny Weasley hat will be loved, even though it is odd and may not suit me. It reminds me of the Burrow, odd but interesting.

Yarn used: cascade 220, colour 7826 and Red Heart Whirly, colourway “cheerful”
Time: Desperate Houswives + Cold Case season finale (little over 3 hours in total)


P.S. my friends loved it so much they are going to make the same hat, but all in different colours!


My bit of Green May 21, 2006

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in Uncategorized.
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So I never managed to finish something yellow for April……. however I am going to be making up for that today! But onto green……. no it’s not knit, but I did make it! It’s a dress, inspired by a dress I saw on the Anthropology website. Made out of fabric my textiles teacher gave me, I think it’s just fine for project spectrum!

Today I am going to make myself a hat like the one Ginny wore to the seccond task in GoF! Ever since I saw that hat I decided I HAD to make one! Then I discovered a fellow Craftster had already made up a pattern! So I can’t wait to go and get yarn and cast on.

Other green things……

well the grass (mostly moss for us) is nice and green…….

these pillows I made are green…..

Well if I see any more green (most likely), i will document it for project spectrum!


P.S. it has been more of a sewing month than knitting, but I am jumping back into things with this Ginny hat. I fell in LOVE with the Ruby cardigan Lolly knit in green, and I really want to make one to!!