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Love yah! February 14, 2006

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in Uncategorized.

Happy Valentines day everyone! Hope you all got showered with love and chocolate. This year the only thing I cared about where my new shoes!! I woke up to them outside my bedroom door! Yay for surprises (well, half. I did pay for them!)

Yes, goodies are nice!! Ok, now onto the knitting! I decided to change my olyimpic project, I just did not want to cast on for shimmer :(. So instead I am going to knit a team Canada hat! I had wanted to make one during christmas, but we all know that didn’t happen! So I will start charting my maple leafs and casting on as soon as I find some red yarn. I am looking for some Bernat Satin in red because I have leftover white and it’s nice and soft for cheap acrylic. So in the mean time…….I have been sewing! I started sewing in school and have great plans! I need to start a skirt soon, and I’m sooo excited! Only problem, the wheather over here looks like it’s going to take a turn for crazyness…… it has been sunny the last week and they are predicting below zero temperatures for the rest of the week! Looks like I will be using my olympic hat before my spring skirt! Oh well, maybe if I can finish my Clapotis is sewing class (hey, it’s really called textiles!) then I can wear it as a scarf!!

So, because it’s Valentines day, and my cat is soo cute, here is a greeting from her to you, with a new toy I made for her!!




1. amylovie - February 15, 2006

I love your shoes!

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