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113540850027080342 December 23, 2005

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in Uncategorized.

So it’s almost christmas. Wow. I have been so busy, and have a very sadly decorated house, that it doesn’t feel like christmas. I’m sure it will on the 25th, but man it sucks not having a tree!!

Of course, it’s all for our little kittys. they, by the way, seem to be sleeping non stop these days. Leading up to a busy day of running around in wrapping paper? Who knows.

On the knitting front, I am sooooo almost done! just finish one hat, that is over 50% and I’m done! Wahoo! I even blocked my friends scarf. that was an, interesting experience……..(I did nothing wrong……….. well, at least too wrong)

You wanna see?

Tada! A finished set, perfect for my friend. We are planning on giving our gifts on christmas eve, so that will be fun!!

As for other projects, I haven’t had time! But I promise I will finish one project for myself! I just don’t know what yet…. ah well.

One thing I am excited about is the idea of boxing day. Only the idea, because I don’t know fi I will have money for what I want untill christmas day. I am saving for an iPod nano, and so far I have $170. I am hoping withe christmas money (usually a little over $100) I will have enough. if not, I will wait untill the end of january, because then I will have enough for the nano and a good case. I have been researching the nano alot to prepare myself for it. While doing that I found a really nifty case that i fell in love with. It’s called the isee nano case. It is a clear hard plastic case that snaps on around the iPod, and protects the screen. It also has a thing that you can wrap the headphones around to make them shorter or into a lanyard. plus it has a clip. I love it, good protection and multi purpose. Of course, i can’t seem to find one in canada, but I haven’t checked ebay yet….

So anyways, have a happy holiday with family and friends, enjoy watching them open your many hours of love in a simple hand knit item, and stuff yourself full of goodies!!



1. amylovie - December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your holiday.


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