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Who doesn’t love winter vacation?? December 10, 2005

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in Uncategorized.

I am sooo excited, five more days of school!!!

I deffinatly need this break, I am always waking up 20 min. late in the morning!!! Plus I will have more time to finish gifts…. but I have made progress! I am 5 out of 7 :D. Go check out the hand knitted gifts KAL to see a picture of my FO’s.

Unfortunatly, to get my christmas knitting done, I have given up knitting for myself. The reason why I was procrastinating was because I didn’t want to knit gifts in school, but I wanted to knit. Then on the weekend I didn’t feel liek knitting. And I was sick… and blah blah blah. So now that I am full steam ahead on these gifts, and are so close to being done, I am not going to risk that! Plus I have used 2/3 skeins for my clap. and I need to do some math to see when I should start dec. so I may put that off for a while…..

On the plus side, as soon as my gifts are done, I have a whole whack of projects to knit!! I ahve my clap to finish, my razor shell socks, my Gryffindor mittens, and after all that I can finalyl start shimmer! I will have a lot of hand knits to wer back to school in Jan. And if I don’t finish, well I’ll have something to do!!

So, since I am not posting any knitting pictures, I promise so post some cute kitty pictures on my next post. they are growing so fast :D.




1. amylovie - December 14, 2005

I wish I could go on winter break!!!


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