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Wahoo! November 20, 2005

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in Uncategorized.

This weekend shot by like a bullet!

Friday night, mopeing over NOT going to GoF, so i ripped out Clpaotis and had some fun winding yarn (yah right). All in all, an ok night.

Sat, wake up, get Center Stage soundtrack frr dance project (more on that on sunday), and then go and help out at grandma’s fall fair. I totally forgot I said I would help, and I couldn’t say no on such short notice. So 3 hours of selling dolls. Not too bad, since I snuck some Clap. knitting in. Then home, and I get a call to please come babysit my little boy. I said yes, cause I haven’t for a while and I missed the $$. What an adorable little boy! He loved me, did not cry, played with me, had his bottle and went to sleep! Amazing!! But it was late……

Sun, wake up @ 7 after coming home @ 12 and hop the skytrain to…….. GoF! I finally saw it! With family and friends. Let me tell you, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!………….. ok, I love it! I could not stop staring at the knit wears! I love Ginny’s hat in the seccond task. orange with multi coloured bobbles and some purling inbetween. I tell yah, as soon as it comes out on dvd I am going to pause it, and make up a pattern! As long as I learn how to make bobbles I’m set! And Fred & Georges hats! Beautiful! White and I think blue, so detailed! And Ron had a different sweater! It looked like a sued letter “R” sewn on and with buttons on the shoulders. I love it, but will make a traditional Weasley for myself. Oh, and the move was good. It was good as a movie, not as a representation of the book. They cut alot, and the school year was basicly the tournament, nothing eles, but for me it is the best movie so far!!! It was really scary, and I was crying alot! When Harry comes back with Cedric’s body, oh my I was crying and shaking and trying to muffle it in my scarf :'(. But my friend was lucky, she had her boyfriend to hug in scary parts, I hid behind my scarf! But yes, CAN’T wait for the dvd!!!!!!!!! (p.s. besides my scarf and my seccond one I lent to my friend there were no ther scarves. we rock!)

Ok, still sunday, I go home, do some homework then go over to a friends house to work on a dance project. We got more done in 1.5 hours than we did like the 3 hours we had last week! We went from having the chorus and one verese of a song choreographed to the whole song done! Can’t wait to get it over with! Then I come home, have dinner, SHOWER, and do more homework. That is where I am now, doing home work…. j\k I have most of it done anyways. Oh, and I went shopping on the way home. Starbucks has really cute mini travel mugs, like half size of the ones you can reg. buy and it has cute reindeer on it! And I got a t-shirt and socks on sale.

Wheew, my hands hurt! Ok, no pictures @ the moment cause I wanted a quick update, maybe some time during the week I will have time, but now just imagine me dancing around with my clapotis and home work…. oh my.

Don’t even ask about christmas gifts, gah!!




1. amylovie - November 21, 2005

That is one whirlwind weekend! What happened to your Clap?

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