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Fibre fibre everywhere!! November 9, 2005

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Yay, fun weekend!!

I had a minimal ammout of homework (which I am paying for by having lots this week), so I had LOTS of time to knit!!

It started on friday when I bought some yarn for christmas pressies!! I just signed out Weekend Knitting from the library and I absolutly love it!!

WARNING!!: If you are my friends, stop reading now!!!!!!!!


Ok, if your not gone, thats to bad!

What I am knitting:
-Fingerless mittens, I adore this pattern and am deffinatly making some for myself when holiday knitting is over
– flower face cloth
– super mittens

other holiday knits in general:
-Crazy Aunte Purl’s magical scarf
– socks

And I am still debating about other patterns for other people.

In other knitting news, I have fallen in love with a pattern!! Mac & Me yoga socks. Their really cool, and I so want to knit them for dance class. There like short leg warmers morphed with leggings cause they have that loop that goes over you foot to keep them on. They look so comfy!!

Also, I am going to rip out Clapotis. But untill I get the courage, and the time to figure out the math (yah, I have decided theres math to figure out how the heck I am going to do this), I am knitting other projects. I am trying to finish my seccond HP house mitten for the 18th, but tis a bit boring. I think I have SMS, Seccond Mitten Syndrome. So to keep me on my toes, i am knitting socks. The prettyest, girlyest socks ever! There the Razor Shall socks, in a light pink. They are lacey and cool looking. It really makes me want to knit 1930 from Knitty so i can lounge around in them and feel sexy. Ha ha ha……………

OH! The fibre festival, right. That was also part of my weekend. It was alot of fun. I got to spin for my first time! this nice lady was spinning and I was watching cause ive never seen that in person before. She was like, do you want to try?? Yeah!! It was thrilling, very addictive, and a drop spindle is now on my christmas wish list :D. There was also Opal sock yarn :O, kool aid roving, and lots of hand knit items for sale. I am deffinatly going next year!!

Then after that my mommie and me did a yarn shop hop. Basicly, we went to two yarn stores, and I came home with a circular needle, soome dpns, and the pink sock yarn. At the seccond one, my favorit, I helped a lady graft her toe of her sock together, and we were all chatting and having a good time. I love the knitting community, so much fun!!

Pictures will follow, the sock calls…..




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