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It’s ok now November 1, 2005

Posted by Karen Elizabeth in Uncategorized.

I solved my semi crisis with hipster. Yes, I endedup being lazy and swed the pocket smaller and cutting off some exess. It’s not too bad now. I wore it today and my friends loved it. But if you want me to knit one, expect it to cost lots of $$!

Here are some pictures of the felting, note the giant blob at the side, that is the pocket stretched way to big.

In other knitting news, the next two projects soon to be on the needles (after my clapotis, which by the way plays a starring role with me in the yearbook picture of my schools knitting club!):

Knittys Fuzzy Feet and Shimmer.

I am going to use my seccond skein of roasted coffe and partial skein of Victorian pink leftover from Hipster to make some yummy fuzzy feet(alas, my plan to make a hipster and sell it has been foild by my own cold feet). However, depending on how long my christmas gift list of stuff I hope to knit gets, I may have to give them up. That is a last resort. I want some fuzzy feet! Yes, i have established I am a selfish knitter…………….

As for Shimmer, I am going to use some pretty verigated yarn I got for my birthday. Shown here with the pink mary-jane style slippers & gum i got for a b-day gift last weekend.

So, you wanna see my cake? I know you do. Feast your eyes!!!!

Unfortunatly, the gold leaves are not edible. Fortunatly, no one tryed to eat them!!

And last but not least, a cute picture of my kittys! they like eachother now and have fun running around the house, then falling asleep together. Aaaaawwww!


P.S., here’s a picture of my pumpkins I carved. Can you guess what that bottom one is???



1. Laura - November 2, 2005

Oooh, I love that pumpkin! Very, very cool. Glad to see that your Hipster is turning out OK!

2. amylovie - November 2, 2005

Aren’t you cleaver. I knitting pumpkin. LOVE IT!

3. Horse Power - November 5, 2005

That is such a wonderful picture of your beautiful cats!! How cute they are!!–>

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