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We are 16 going on 17….. November 27, 2005

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Before I go into detail about the fabulous party last night, let me show you what I woke up to!

SNOW! There is hope! Seeing as we usually don’t get snow untill January, there is hope for a snowy holiday! 😀 Ok, now to the party!!

We started the night off by going to this amazing little greek restaurante by the river. It had an amazing veiw of the river, with the bridge all lit up and boats with christmas lights floating by……..very chic. I opted for the Chicken Souvlaki (sp??). And to top it all off, at the end of our dinner there was a belly dancer! It was for another party, but you could hear the music all over the restaurante! Then home for dessert.

Here we all are at the table:

My friend had dedicated all friday to this cake. Two cake mixes, three pans, and a sh*t load of iceing! In the end, we ended up with a three tiered cake! Oh my, it was amazing! And so yummy! They used special iceing that is not too sweet and is airy so you don’t mind eating alot of it! There was a sugar rose on top, and my friend said it looked like a cake in one of those splenda commercials! To go with this fancy cake we had fancy drinks. They remind me of Knit and Tonic, because of the colours. It was really sparkeling pink lemmonaid with fruit on sticks, but in martini glasses. We had such a good time :D.

Here is the cake in all its glory!

The Birthday girl herself enjoying it!

Here is our fancy drink!

And our refills that we put confeti in. Can you read it?

Finally, we watched The United States of Leland. It was an interesting movie, a bit confusing, and sad, but all around good. We all enjoyed pouring out of our skirts/dresses into comfy pants so our stomach could expand from all the good food! I am so happy for my friend, she had a very sweet party and now we are all (except one) 16! The funny thing is, I didn’t feel 16 untill this party. My party was so hecktic and unplanned and deffinatly not sweet. Now I feel like a lady (lol, *blush*).

So about my knitting, my friend absolutly LOVED the Kitty hat! She wore it practicly all night. I am so happy she likes it, and everyone was so amazed (you only used sticks and yarn???) so I think I may have some more orders on the way.

Do you think she likes it?

Christmas knitting, well hasn’t done much. I need to return the book to the library soon, so I want to try and renew it. GAH! Plus I have to buy 2 more birthday gifts!!! I think this calls for a trip to the mall!!!

Clapotis is still moving along well. I am going to have to figure out how much of the last ball to use before I decrease soon. I may not get all 12 repeats, but I want to get as many as I can. This will require some brain power, so best to do it in the middle of the day. But I absolutly love her!

– The sweetest 16 year old in my family 😛


I’m still here November 25, 2005

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I have quietly been knitting througought this week. I have dropped 7 sts on my Clapotis :D. I have only the ears of the kittyville hat to knit. Then I plan to finish 2 christmas gifts to post on the Christmas Gift KAL. I’m getting there!

No pictures till later. My friend is having a fancy b-day party tomorrow night, so there will deff. be pictures from that. We are dressing up all fancy and going out for greek! Plus I will have some FO’s to show you. Till then, hope y’all are having a good weekend!


Wahoo! November 20, 2005

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This weekend shot by like a bullet!

Friday night, mopeing over NOT going to GoF, so i ripped out Clpaotis and had some fun winding yarn (yah right). All in all, an ok night.

Sat, wake up, get Center Stage soundtrack frr dance project (more on that on sunday), and then go and help out at grandma’s fall fair. I totally forgot I said I would help, and I couldn’t say no on such short notice. So 3 hours of selling dolls. Not too bad, since I snuck some Clap. knitting in. Then home, and I get a call to please come babysit my little boy. I said yes, cause I haven’t for a while and I missed the $$. What an adorable little boy! He loved me, did not cry, played with me, had his bottle and went to sleep! Amazing!! But it was late……

Sun, wake up @ 7 after coming home @ 12 and hop the skytrain to…….. GoF! I finally saw it! With family and friends. Let me tell you, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!………….. ok, I love it! I could not stop staring at the knit wears! I love Ginny’s hat in the seccond task. orange with multi coloured bobbles and some purling inbetween. I tell yah, as soon as it comes out on dvd I am going to pause it, and make up a pattern! As long as I learn how to make bobbles I’m set! And Fred & Georges hats! Beautiful! White and I think blue, so detailed! And Ron had a different sweater! It looked like a sued letter “R” sewn on and with buttons on the shoulders. I love it, but will make a traditional Weasley for myself. Oh, and the move was good. It was good as a movie, not as a representation of the book. They cut alot, and the school year was basicly the tournament, nothing eles, but for me it is the best movie so far!!! It was really scary, and I was crying alot! When Harry comes back with Cedric’s body, oh my I was crying and shaking and trying to muffle it in my scarf :'(. But my friend was lucky, she had her boyfriend to hug in scary parts, I hid behind my scarf! But yes, CAN’T wait for the dvd!!!!!!!!! (p.s. besides my scarf and my seccond one I lent to my friend there were no ther scarves. we rock!)

Ok, still sunday, I go home, do some homework then go over to a friends house to work on a dance project. We got more done in 1.5 hours than we did like the 3 hours we had last week! We went from having the chorus and one verese of a song choreographed to the whole song done! Can’t wait to get it over with! Then I come home, have dinner, SHOWER, and do more homework. That is where I am now, doing home work…. j\k I have most of it done anyways. Oh, and I went shopping on the way home. Starbucks has really cute mini travel mugs, like half size of the ones you can reg. buy and it has cute reindeer on it! And I got a t-shirt and socks on sale.

Wheew, my hands hurt! Ok, no pictures @ the moment cause I wanted a quick update, maybe some time during the week I will have time, but now just imagine me dancing around with my clapotis and home work…. oh my.

Don’t even ask about christmas gifts, gah!!


I hate being sick November 15, 2005

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I feel like crap. My throat hurts all the time, even more when I swallow. But amazingly I feel better today than yesterday. I was practicly falling asleep in class. No work was done. So now all I have is a sore throat that I hope will go away. But now that I feel better I can knit!

My plan is to finish up all projects on my needles (christmas gifts) and the kitty hat for my friend, so I can pay all my attention to Clapotis. She is crying out to me. I just got a red pea coat and she goes beautifully with it. So I need to knit really quickly and get everything done now! I am progressing well with the kitty hat, it’s really simple. And I am going to finish another pair of fingerless mittens and then move onto the face cloth. Here is an interesting picture of the hat…

What? It’s the only thing I could think of to model it on. theres a towel on my head!
About that blue and orange Gap sweater? Well, it did not want to unravel itself so I could graft it together nicely, so I decided to just sew the cuff to the arm. It doesn’t look too bad, and now all I need to do is make the body more fitted and its done!!

Here it is mid way through so you can see the difference in the arm lenght. As you can see the cats have a taste for natural fibres. Try sewing this with a cat in your lap!!!

And here is the finished product. I think it looks nice. Can’t wait to finish it and wear it!

And while I was surfing the tv the other day, look what I found!

Unfortunatly the tv was acting up so I did not get to watch it, but it makes me happy to know that I could watch knitty gritty! I just need to find out when it’s on again.

And finally, I have my clogs! they will make me happy once they are sprayed and I can wear them. Thats why they have plastic bags in them.

So I’m off to knit. I really want to get everything done. GOF in 2 days!!!! I know I won’t get the mittens done……… but who cares when you have a scarf? oh well, I’ll have them for christmas. Cheers.


Weekend projects November 11, 2005

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I’m so excited!!!! This is going to be such a fun weekend!!

So today I went to Value Village with some friends and we found this cool sweater. It reminds me of Julias Clemantine(sp?), go look on her blog if you don’t know what I mean (mind of winter). Its blue and orange striped, from the gap (there is so much stuff from the gap at Value Village!). It’s too big, and my friend thought it was itchy (cause it’s mostly wool). I was going to make a felted bag out of it…… but I like it so much!! I am going to make the sleves shorter(it is 3/4 length but I want to make it short sleve-ish), and make the body more fitted(it’s a Medium and I usually wear XS-S at The Gap). Yay! I hope my plan works, I want to cut the sleve and graft the ribbed cuff to it. I hope it works, cause it would look weird with a seam if I just sewed it. Wish me luck that I can manage that!!

Here’s a picture:

My friend and I also got really pretty matching tea cups. The cups are chocolate brown and the saucer is white with chocolate brown print on it, kinda like wall paper.We are going to sip hot chocolate in them together tomorrow after more shopping. Yes, I finally found clogs like the ones I saw in the U.S. Walmart. They are pink and don’t have the stuff around it…(yah I don’t know what to call the stuff, go back and look at the picture). So I shall buy them, and my friend wants to pick out yarn for the kitty ville hat she is paying me to make. And finally I want to look for a nice warm pea coat. I love shopping!

Ok, so onto knitting. My razor shell socks are going along fine now after I ripped them out once. They are very pretty. Look at the sock it to me! KAL cause I will post a picture there. Other projects on the go are my christmas pressies! I am going to join Alisons christmas gift KAL and post my pictures there. So far I have one thing done. But 2 on the needles and others paitently waiting. However, with two people wanting me to knit them hats that they will pay for, the chirtmas gifts are sitting on the side line. I plan to knit the hats a.s.a.p. so I can have money to buy more christmas gifts if I need to. And my shimmer shrug will be put aside untill christmas vacation when I am done all my knit gifts. I hope “IT” dosen’t happen to me!!!

Ok, I’ll stop tryping now. I’m so excited!!!! Wish me luck!!


113160466033691620 November 9, 2005

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Your Birthdate: October 18
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Your strength: Emotional maturity beyond your years
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Your power color: Crimson red
Your power symbol: Snowflake
Your power month: September
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

This is so me, it’s scary O_0

Fibre fibre everywhere!! November 9, 2005

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Yay, fun weekend!!

I had a minimal ammout of homework (which I am paying for by having lots this week), so I had LOTS of time to knit!!

It started on friday when I bought some yarn for christmas pressies!! I just signed out Weekend Knitting from the library and I absolutly love it!!

WARNING!!: If you are my friends, stop reading now!!!!!!!!


Ok, if your not gone, thats to bad!

What I am knitting:
-Fingerless mittens, I adore this pattern and am deffinatly making some for myself when holiday knitting is over
– flower face cloth
– super mittens

other holiday knits in general:
-Crazy Aunte Purl’s magical scarf
– socks

And I am still debating about other patterns for other people.

In other knitting news, I have fallen in love with a pattern!! Mac & Me yoga socks. Their really cool, and I so want to knit them for dance class. There like short leg warmers morphed with leggings cause they have that loop that goes over you foot to keep them on. They look so comfy!!

Also, I am going to rip out Clapotis. But untill I get the courage, and the time to figure out the math (yah, I have decided theres math to figure out how the heck I am going to do this), I am knitting other projects. I am trying to finish my seccond HP house mitten for the 18th, but tis a bit boring. I think I have SMS, Seccond Mitten Syndrome. So to keep me on my toes, i am knitting socks. The prettyest, girlyest socks ever! There the Razor Shall socks, in a light pink. They are lacey and cool looking. It really makes me want to knit 1930 from Knitty so i can lounge around in them and feel sexy. Ha ha ha……………

OH! The fibre festival, right. That was also part of my weekend. It was alot of fun. I got to spin for my first time! this nice lady was spinning and I was watching cause ive never seen that in person before. She was like, do you want to try?? Yeah!! It was thrilling, very addictive, and a drop spindle is now on my christmas wish list :D. There was also Opal sock yarn :O, kool aid roving, and lots of hand knit items for sale. I am deffinatly going next year!!

Then after that my mommie and me did a yarn shop hop. Basicly, we went to two yarn stores, and I came home with a circular needle, soome dpns, and the pink sock yarn. At the seccond one, my favorit, I helped a lady graft her toe of her sock together, and we were all chatting and having a good time. I love the knitting community, so much fun!!

Pictures will follow, the sock calls…..


Dilema November 3, 2005

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I have myself in a pickle. To frog or not to frog??

Heres the sitch’, I am half way through my Clapotis, but have used 2/3 skeins of yarn. I called the store where I bought it, they don’t have the right colour b/c I bought the last 3 skeins. I called several yarn stores and they don’t even carry the same brand!

So what do I do? Search the planet for this yarn(that isn’t even on the yarn brands website!!), paying whatever the cost? Or frog it, and make the width short? We all know choise #2 is the most likely, but it’s the most heart breaking! I am half way through. Waaaaaaaa!!

Please, fellow bloggers, if you see Schoeller Stahl Lerici Fein Color, in colour 939(do not care about dye lot here, I’m desperate!), PLEASE Please please, tell me! I am very deperate. I know, I should have actually calculated and realised when they had no more yarn to choose another colour, but I am naieve. I truly thought I could make it work. I have underestemated the yarn gods. Please forgive me, I really want to find some nice yarn at that fibre festival on sat………….

So, thankyou for reading. Bare with me. I’m so glad I have a bag full of chocolate.


It’s ok now November 1, 2005

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I solved my semi crisis with hipster. Yes, I endedup being lazy and swed the pocket smaller and cutting off some exess. It’s not too bad now. I wore it today and my friends loved it. But if you want me to knit one, expect it to cost lots of $$!

Here are some pictures of the felting, note the giant blob at the side, that is the pocket stretched way to big.

In other knitting news, the next two projects soon to be on the needles (after my clapotis, which by the way plays a starring role with me in the yearbook picture of my schools knitting club!):

Knittys Fuzzy Feet and Shimmer.

I am going to use my seccond skein of roasted coffe and partial skein of Victorian pink leftover from Hipster to make some yummy fuzzy feet(alas, my plan to make a hipster and sell it has been foild by my own cold feet). However, depending on how long my christmas gift list of stuff I hope to knit gets, I may have to give them up. That is a last resort. I want some fuzzy feet! Yes, i have established I am a selfish knitter…………….

As for Shimmer, I am going to use some pretty verigated yarn I got for my birthday. Shown here with the pink mary-jane style slippers & gum i got for a b-day gift last weekend.

So, you wanna see my cake? I know you do. Feast your eyes!!!!

Unfortunatly, the gold leaves are not edible. Fortunatly, no one tryed to eat them!!

And last but not least, a cute picture of my kittys! they like eachother now and have fun running around the house, then falling asleep together. Aaaaawwww!


P.S., here’s a picture of my pumpkins I carved. Can you guess what that bottom one is???